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Top sustainability rating for Rosehill Waters

When new home buyers choose to live in Rosehill Waters, they can be confident they will be living in a community which places minimal impact on the environment, encourages an active, healthy lifestyle and where every home includes initiatives that reduce energy and water usage.

Rosehill Waters has been awarded the Urban Development Institute of Australia’s (UDIA) EnviroDevelopment top six-leaf rating for excellence in sustainability.

UDIA EnviroDevelopment recognises projects that achieve exceptional sustainability and provide homeowners with benefits such as reduced costs of living and operating expenses.

The six-leaf rating makes sure community planning is carefully blended with strong environmental performance and excellent design to create a sociable, attractive neighbourhood.

This national accreditation system is awarded to developments that achieve outstanding performance across six different elements of sustainability - energy, water, materials, ecosystem, waste and community.

An EnviroDevelopment rating allows buyers to instantly recognise a truly environmentally sustainable community, which brings a wealth of benefits to home owners.

In addition to limiting their environmental footprint, residents can look forward to long-term cost savings in energy and water use as well as social and health benefits.

How we achieved our six-star rating

Decisions made at every stage of Rosehill Waters has ensured minimal environmental impact, offering much better use of energy, materials and natural resources.​


That’s sustainability.​


Development and Design Excellence has been shaped around 6 key design principles:

  • Green links

  • Streetscape diversity

  • Destination

  • Unique identity

  • Historical focus

  • Accessible community

to accommodate the growing concern communities have for their environment.

Buyers benefit from affordable, high quality and eco-friendly homes that promote best practice eco-systems, energy, waste, water, materials and sustainability through healthier efficiencies producing cost savings.

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Save money and reduce your carbon emissions by changing the way you use energy and water inside and outside the home. Installing an in-home energy display can help you see what impact these behaviours have on your energy consumption.


Rosehill Waters has gone over and above government energy efficiency requirements and demonstrated 60% reduction energy use through thoughtful design of homes and lots, the installation of energy efficient appliances and fixtures, and the provision of a 3kw solar panel to every home.


Rosehill Waters has incorporated ways to reduce drinking water (potable) by up to 60% by connecting every home to a community bore scheme for irrigation of your entire garden. Meaning less water restrictions for you. Designing water wise gardens and installing low flow shower heads and taps also contributes towards saving water.


Rosehill Waters has used resources more efficiently and reduced the volume of waste sent to landfill. During the construction of your home and the broader development we have made extensive efforts to avoid the generation of waste, and at least 90% of unavoidable waste is to be recycled or reused.


Rosehill Waters has made substantial efforts to protect and enhance the existing native ecosystem with special efforts to enhance and beautify the natural watercourses flowing through the site. These water corridors will be rehabilitated and re-vegetated, creating living streams that will be a beautiful, unique feature the community can enjoy.


Rosehill Waters have been able to incorporate recycled, reused or renewable materials throughout the development as well as chose materials that produce fewer carbon emissions over their total lifecycle.


Rosehill Waters has made extensive efforts toward creating a safe, vibrant and cohesive community for its residents and the greater community, including space for community festivals, events, and community gardens and farmers markets.

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